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Packaging design is the foundation and driving force of your brand.  The success of your product will largely be in part due to your good packaging.  You can have the best product of the entire world, but to be competitive you will also need to have the best design packaging.  A good design packaging creates a strong brand identity to differentiate your product from the crowd, and make it recognizable. 

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Why a perfume’s packaging is so important? 

 yves saint laurent packagingWhat is packaging design?

It’s the product’s wrapping, it’s face.  Whether your packaging protects the product, or not, packaging design is a key element when you decide to buy a product, especially a perfume. More and more, before choosing a perfume for it’s fragrance, a consumer chooses one for it’s packaging design.

The perfume box design and bottle design seem to have even more importance than the perfume in and of it’s self.  But what is important in a perfume’s packaging design?

Is packaging design different for men and women?
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