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Why a perfume’s packaging is so important? 

 yves saint laurent packagingWhat is packaging design?

It’s the product’s wrapping, it’s face.  Whether your packaging protects the product, or not, packaging design is a key element when you decide to buy a product, especially a perfume. More and more, before choosing a perfume for it’s fragrance, a consumer chooses one for it’s packaging design.

The perfume box design and bottle design seem to have even more importance than the perfume in and of it’s self.  But what is important in a perfume’s packaging design?



Is packaging design different for men and women?


We would say that it is. Go into a perfume boutique and you will naturally go to either the men or women’s area.  The first impression of a product is the packaging design and it’s influence on the product and it’s brand.  So for men’s products, the forms and textures and would even be more masculine.  The colors are more somber or on the contrary, more bling-bling depending on the image.  The packaging design can influence the choice of a perfume. 


The packaging design is of the up most importance here.  Packaging design can reflect the quality of a perfume, one can decide to buy a perfume because the packaging is original  or corresponds to our tastes.


The sent is no longer enough.  Mark, a 32 year old man reports from Miami, FL, ‘One day, I did not buy a perfume because I did not like it’s packaging.  I preferred a perfume with a design that matched my life style”


Anne, a 25 year old women from Miami, FL reports, “I chose Dior for it’s packaging design and I did not even smell the perfume before I bought it” Packaging seems to influence the consumer’s choice when buying perfume.  Scent is no longer enough, whether it is for a gift or for personal use.


1 million paco raban
Among certain professionals, the color they choose is as important as the packaging’s design.  It passes a message to consumers: orange is for vitality and energy, black is for elegance, gold is for glamour and silver is for power.  Professionals are doubling their efforts to match what consumers are looking for.  When the holiday season roles around, and consumers are looking for presents, professionals create limited editions and gift sets to interest consumers.  Therefore it is no surprise that Paco Rabanne created a packaging that weighed 9 kilos for its anniversary of the perfume One Million.  After all, nothing is too beautiful or amazing in packaging design.




Miami, Florida, 2012