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Travel Booking

Client: Zillious, Ebix

Re-design of SAAS based business travel booking solution containing flights, hotels, trains, bus, cars, city-taxi, insurance, visa and forex.

A B2B product, not available on app marketplace.


This is complete re-design of a comprehensive business travel booking solution which is a SAAS-based product and currently being used by many large organisations across globe. This app allows users to book flights, hotels, trains, buses, and cars with add-on facilities like travel insurance, foreign-exchange and cab/taxi. Our contribution helped the Client to enhance their product's value and reaching international market.

The client: Zillious, Ebix

Zillious is Asia's leading software technology provider for business travel planning, booking and management.


They serve 85% of the top travel management companies in India. Their clientele is large enterprises (e.g. HCL, Infosys) and travel agencies.


They provide innovative and cost-effective technology services and software solutions to their clients, to help them streamline their business processes and achieve a competitive advantage.

Design process

Major parts of the process are kept hidden to maintain confidentiality.

Detailed process study (a part of research)

Removed unnecessary steps, added missing features, integrated parts, optimised for speed and so on.

Login Process

Reduced user efforts and mental load; added automation and new features.

(Clear communication helps users to understand better.)

Home screen

Modular blocks, customise, add or remove blocks as per client's (customer) needs.

Business travel booking is not that easy as it may look.

It has to go through a formal and lengthy procedure.

Flight Booking

fill itinerary

Preferences (pre-filters)

Desktop Version

Available Flights

One-way Flight, Desktop Version

Flight and Hotel Details

Personalise Flight Booking

Hotels Search Result

Hotels, Map View on Desktop

The rest of the screens are not shown here.

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