Business Travel Booking

A B2B Product designed for Zillious, Ebix

This is a comprehensive business travel booking solution designed for large enterprises. It allows users to book flights, hotels, trains, buses, and cars with add-on facilities like travel insurance, foreign-exchange and cab/taxi. It has workflow of raising ticket(request), approvals, automated-processing, payment, travel billing, and post usage.

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Interactive Table for Digital Museum

Designed for Invoxel Technologies

This is a multi-user-enabled interactive table designed for various Digital museums dedicated to Mr. M. K. Gandhi across India. It allows users to explore the journey of Mr. Gandhi with the relevance of the objects that he used while achieving his goals.

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Quick Brick

A start-up for building construction

QwikBrick is a comprehensive tech-based Architecture and construction solution for residential buildings. App has efficiently streamline all processes to offer hassle-free construction, also ensuring quality and on-time delivery.

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Purple Circle

Organisational newsletter application

Purple circle is an organisational newsletter app designed for Dr. Reddy’s Labs in 2015. The motive was to make a communication channel in the form of a mobile app through which client could reach out and send stories/updates on progress or benefits of various business initiatives to entire employee base of the organization in a prompt and engaging manner.

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Right Fit

It helps employers to find right candidates

This app helps startups and small businesses to find the right candidate in a fast and easy way. It offers major facilities from finding candidates, taking their interviews, tests to make a job offer. This app also opens opportunities for freelance and individual HR.

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Gold Trivia

Q&A based online Trivia Game

Create, play, win and earn prizes. Gold Trivia is a QA-based online game initiated by a Canada based start-up. It allows players to create games, set rules and play with other challengers anywhere in the world. The whole look and feel of the game make it appear serious and professional.

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Design for Dr. Reddys Labs

Persona is a Web-based ERP Application that helps employees to increase their performance. It has an overlaid user interface that works with existing ERP software. The existing software is a standard product of SAP Labs and containing many functions that were not required by Dr. Reddy's team. So, Dr.Reddy's was looking to customise the software as their needs and enhance the user experience of their employees.

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Health Insurance

Designed for Religare Health Insurance

The client was facing a problem that they were not able to sell their products online without the significant help of their sales team. So, a new website was needed which should be capable of selling products without the interference of salesperson. We did research, studied the current website, found out the reasons causing problems and presented the concept to the client.

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School Reviews

See how schools are doing

Finding new schools for children is not an easy job, which school is the best? This platform helps parent to search a school based on many factors like school exam results, what other people says about it (reviews and rating by other student’s parents), how far it is from home and many more.

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